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"Some people look for a beautiful place... others make a place beautiful.” 

Hi! My name is April Jackson and I want to start by saying thank you for your time and consideration! You could have chose any company but you here with me so, thank you!


Why should I hire her? 

Great question!
When hiring me, you will get my absolute best... every time!

I am very creative, organized, flexible, punctual, and most importantly I pay attention to details.  I love what I do, so I am passionate about my craft. I love designing and creating events, not only because I love to create but because of the emotions that comes with planning an epic event. I get to bear witness, to some of the most memorable experiences in my client’s lives and contribute to it in a meaningful way, it in itself is a reward.

"Its important to you, so its important to me!"

Leading up to the event some people are stressed, some are nervous, some exuberant, some are testy but always in the end, the primary emotion is happiness, and of the purest form. That is why I always go above and beyond for my clients.
You should hire me because of the experience you will receive from working with me, and most importantly I AM one of THE BEST at what I do, because I do it for you!
Book me today for your next event!


We also do catering, linen rentals, party rentals and balloon art.


Let us make your next event an Epic one! 

April Jackson
Founder & Creative Director